Government Polytechnic, Nanded
शासकीय तंत्रनिकेतन, नांदेड
Established 1964
(Government of Maharashtra)

Department of Medical Electronics

  • Year of Establishment: 1993
  • Level: Post SSC Diploma
  • Duration: 3 Years
  • Total Intake: 40

Medical Electronics Doctors and hospitals use medical electronics devices to identify problems, find cures and help to save people's lives. Employment related to medical electronics will continue to grow through 2020, and a career in medical electronics is challenging and rewarding. Medical Electronics Engineering that advances knowledge in Engineering and Medicine is one of the most extensively growing fields of this era where people prefer the best and precise health service. Medical Science examines treats and cures almost all the disease meeting the need of accuracy by the people by using sophisticated and precise equipments.

A medical electronics engineer can be called as the doctor of the equipments without which a doctor, a surgeon or a multi specialty hospital is helpless. He/She is the person, who knows the mechanism, operation and maintenance of these equipments.


“It Will Be A National Level Center For Development Of Manpower Imparting Value Based Technical Education Required For Hospitals And Allied Medical Industries With Fully Developed Professionalism Among The Students With Feeling Of Patriotism .”


"To Become A Top Class Role Model Department Of Government Polytechnic Nanded Imparting Excellent Need Based Technical Education Pertaining To Medical Electronics With Continuous Strive For Center Of Excellence All Programs Under Conducive Environment Beneficial For The Society And Nation ."

Teaching Faculty

Name : Mr. B. S. Phulwale

(see profile)

Qualification : M Tech Electronics

Designation : Lecturer

Experience : 14

Area of specialization: Digital Electronics, Microcontroller, Embedded System

List of Non-teaching Staff
Sr. No. Staff Name Designation
2 Mr. D. D. Patil Lab Assistant

Human Biology & Medical Equipment Lab

To study practicals related to Human Biology & Medical Equipment

In-Charge Name
Mr. B.V. Yadav

Digital & Microcontroller Lab

To study practicals related to Digital Electronics & Microcontroller

In-Charge Name
Mr. B.S.Phulwale

Measurement Lab

To study practicals related to Measurement

In-Charge Name
Smt. B. R. Koli

Computer & Hardware Lab

To study practicals related to Computer & Hardware

In-Charge Name
Smt. B. R. Koli

Electronics & Workshop Lab

To study practicals related to Electronics & Workshop

In-Charge Name
Mr. B. S. Phulwale

Communication Lab

To study practicals related to Communication

In-Charge Name
Mr. B.V. Yadav

DIPEX-Project Competition

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Industrial Visit

Technical Quiz Competition

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Expert Lecture

Syllabus of MU Course
Sr. No. Semester Download Link
1 MU1I click here to download
2 MU2I click here to download
3 MU3I click here to download
4 MU4I click here to download
5 MU5I click here to download
6 MU6I click here to download