Government Polytechnic, Nanded
शासकीय तंत्रनिकेतन, नांदेड
Established 1964
(Government of Maharashtra)

Department of Science and Humanities

Chemistry Lab

The chemistry laboratory of Applied Science department is designed to support and elucidate chemical concepts studied in the lecture portion of the course, as well as to introduce important laboratory techniques and encourage analytical thinking for the students and implement them in technical field/ Engineering field. The course equips the students to analyze the experiments and solve it down into its structural parts. Plan and draft a paragraph. Evaluate purpose and audience. Develop practical skills in writing. Monitor, check and record the work or that of other course participants, giving feedback. Support controlling idea in the projects statement with explanation, facts and examples. Convey a specific attitude about a topic. Write well-organized essays and paragraphs of exposition and comparison and contrast showing evidence of significant planning. Express ideas using significant and aware points which support the micro projects. Write one research question for a given topic. Read at least two printed and electronic resources of report. Document precisely the information and ideas. Design a questionnaire and collect data and information from secondary sources such as printed materials and electronic devices for assignment. Analyze the data collected by questionnaire using charts and tables. Interpret the analyzed data in order to provide explanation for the phenomenon investigated in the research. Deliver a presentation on the micro project topic using power point presentation.

Physics Lab

The primary focus of physics laboratory of applied science is to develop the much needed industry relevant competencies and skills . this laboratory is designed to support and elucidate physical concept studied in the theory portion as well as to develop measurement skills analysis of physical properties error estimation skills . this laboratory introduce important at laboratory technique and encourage analytical thinking for the students and implement them in engineering field.

Physics is an experimental science the theoretical concept and relationship introduced in the lecture part of the course describe the general nature and behaviour of real phenomena. Express ideas using significant and aware points which supports the microprojects.

Language Lab

The Basic purpose of the Language Laboratory is to provide students a platform to enhance English language skills , Communication skills and practice for Soft skills . The main objective of Language Laboratory is to equip Diploma engineering students with good communication skills .It will help them to emphasize the need of English in the technical world.

Language Laboratory help students to improve pronounciation and overall personality development .

List of Teaching Faculty
Sr. No. Faculty Name Designation Qualification Experience Area of Specialization Photo
2 Mr.P.K. Shewalkar Lecturer M.Sc, B.Ed. 22 Years Chemistry
4 Mr. A. N. Yadav Lecturer M. A. (English) 16 Years English
8 Mr. S. P. Rathod Lecturer M.Sc M.Phil. B.Ed 11 Years Physics
9 Dr. D. G. Kolhatkar Lecturer M.Sc Ph.D ,M.Phil. B.Ed. 16 Years Chemistry
10 Smt. S. G. Dutal Lecturer M. Phil,MSc. (Chemistry) B.Ed. 11 Years Chemistry
11 Mr. S. N. Narwade Lecturer M.Sc, B. Ed., NET 8 Years Physics
12 Mr. K. S. Kalaskar Lecturer M.Sc (Physics) B.Ed 14 Years Physics
List of Non-teaching Staff
Sr. No. Staff Name Designation Photo
1 Mr. M. S. Bhojane Lab Assistant